Ardene Australian Whites

"the best genetics available"


2017_SHEEP_SHOW_-_SUPREME_CHAMPION_CLEANSHIK_EXHIBIT_HR.JPGArdene was proud to be awarded Supreme Champion Cleanskin Exhibit, with their ewe, 160283, at this year's Australian Sheep & Wool Show, held at Bendigo.

A huge recognition and first time for the Australian White breed




Champion Australian White ram and ewe - Adelaide Royal 2016


Bruce & Jannie Hodgson founded Ardene in 2012, with the aim to produce a high quality lamb that required minimal input, and maximum output.

The stud acquired embryos from the Australian Foundation Flock, along with 12 stud ewes from the Flock dispersal, to form the basis of its stud gene pool.

Embryo transfer programs are a major component of Ardene’s development, with a number of large programs being conducted every year. Maximising genetic gain and gene pool is an important factor for Ardene.

From its inception, Ardene has strived to use the best genetics available. This has included investing over $38,000 on 3 stud rams in the last two years alone, including $20,000 on 150140 at Tattykeel’s 2016 sale.

Ardene is always open for inspections and private sales of rams and ewes. Embryos are available by prior arrangement.


Annual On Property Sale - Friday 20 October 2017

80 rams and 20 ewes to be offered.

Elders - Ross Milne 0408 057 558
Landmark - Stephen Chalmers 0427 908 831




Bruce - ph. 0419 377 329
Jannie - ph. 0419 947 144