Australian White

Ardene Australian Whites


Bruce & Jannie Hodgson founded Ardene in 2012, to produce a quality lamb that required minimal input.

The stud acquired embyros from the Australian White Foundation Flock as a source of its original genetics.

Since the purchase of these original embyros, we purchased 12 Stud ewes from the Australian White Foundation Flock dispersal sale.

We conducted 2 embryo transfer programs using these ewes and the best rams from Tattykeel. We also conducted an embryo transfer program on the

ewes born out of the original embyros.

Since our inseption, we have strived to use the best genetics available to continually improve our Stud.

We carried out a further 2 ET programs at Ardene early in 2015, as well as a natural mating of our Stud ewe lambs (125% scanned in lamb).

We have just completed another ET program using some of our young Stud ewes. These ewes were joined to 2 of our own Stud rams(140006 & 140096) as well as 2 rams we purchased from Tattykeel's Spring sale for $9000 each.