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ARDENE4_HR.JPGArdene sells ewes at last hurrah at Darlington

Joely Mitchell, STOCK & LAND 30 Nov 2018

*75 of 181 ewes sold to $3800, av $1208

Buyers from near and far took the opportunity to snap up quality breeding ewes at Ardene Australian White stud's final sale at its Darlington property.

In the final stages of relocating to Mt Torrens, SA, the stud offered 181 mixed-age ewes, as a way to reduce its flock numbers slightly.

Of the 181 offered, 75 sold, to a top price of $3800, and an average price of $1208.

And the top price of the sale was recorded at the very first lot.

Lot 1 was purchased by Nick Lawrence, Pinnacle Livestock Selections, on behalf of Gemma Chenik, 'Windsong Valley Estate', Bedfordale, WA, who was a top purchaser at Ardene's ram sale last month.

Mr Lawrence said the 2017-drop ewe was “perfect in type”.

“She's black in the feet, got great hindquarter muscling, that comes right through, and good skin type,” he said.

ARDENE3_HR.JPGOf the eight ewes purchased on behalf of Ms Chenik, he said she was the “one to grab”.

He bought a mixture of older and hogget ewes, av $2113, which had similar bloodlines to those purchased last month.

He said it was a unique opportunity to be able to buy such outstanding ewes from Ardene.

“You don't come across ewes like this everyday, let alone Australian Whites,” he said.

The ewes will make their journey to the west in two weeks.

But Mr Lawrence wasn't the only buyer taking advantage and buying in volume.

Buying on behalf of D&K Teskera, Roslynmead West Australian White stud, Echuca, was Stephen Chalmers, Landmark, who snapped up 12, to a top of $2000 five times, av $1517.

Mr Chalmers said the ewes had good meat and feet, and were good shedders.

He said being able to buy quality ewes was a good opportunity.

Ardene stud principals Bruce and Jannie Hodgson reassured that while they were selling off a big portion of their ewe flock, it was purely to make room for the better sheep coming through.

“Every year they're improving, and this year's lambs are even better,” Mr Hodgson said.

“It's still business as usual, it'll just be at a new place.”

Ms Hodgson said they will transport 700 ewes, rams and lambs to the new property next week, and will rebuild numbers once they are settled in.

They said they would still participate in the Victorian shows and open days that they have for many years.