Ardene's first home based embryo transfer program - Ardene Australian Whites - Australian White Sheep

Ardene's first home based embryo transfer program conducted early February 2014

The program resulted in 109 embryos being transferred from 20 Ardene Australian White stud ewes, into 58 recipient ewes (average 5.45 embryos received from each stud ewe).
These recipient ewes will lamb down in July.


Tipping a ewe into the sheep cradle prior to surgery

Dr Peter Lynch (ABS Animal Breeding Services - NZ) at work

Peter assisted by Ali Hodgson

The recovery ward - apart from numbered ear tags, we also sprayed the I.D. numbers on each
recipient ewe for easier identification during lambing.

Ear tagging of recipient ewes for identification.

Next stage is scanning in approximately 6 weeks, to determine exact success of this program.