FLOCK RAMS - Ardene Australian Whites - Australian White Sheep


“Don't let someone scam you by either taking your money or providing you with a substandard product!

With so many people that are new to the sheep industry increasingly becoming involved in the breeding of Australian Whites and some people looking to cash in on the high prices about just at the moment, it is time to spell out to people “What a flock or commercial ram actually is?”

The definition contained in the AWSBA rules and regulations states;

“Flock ram” means a ram born to a registrable ewe in a registered AWSBA stud.

Only stud rams in the AWSBA registration system need to be registered. In order for a ewe to be “registerable” (capable of being registered) she must be bred in an AWSBA registered stud, by an AWSBA stud registered sire, her dam must be also “registerable” and the sire of the dam must be registered with the AWSBA.

People are of the misbelief they can simply buy ewes off AuctionsPlus and start breeding commercial rams. It doesn't work that way. The male progeny from that joining should be considered wethers which are sold for meat consumption.

Similarly, not all rams born in a registered AWSBA stud are destined to become stud rams. The term “stud ram” is reserved for the very best animals used to perpetuate the breeding within the AWSBA stud registration system.

If you are a customer looking to purchase the real deal we advise you simply look for the AWSBA blue tag to provide a guarantee that what you are buying is actually what you are paying for.