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AWSBA Flock #13. Bruce & Jannie Hodgson founded Ardene in 2012, with the aim to produce a high quality lamb that required minimal input, and maximum output.

The stud acquired embryos from the Australian White Foundation Flock, along with 12 stud ewes from the AWF dispersal, to form the basis of its stud.

From its inception, Ardene has strived hard to use the best genetics available. This has included investing over AUD$2million in elite sheep and development of gene pools through ET and AI. Embryo transfer programs have been a major component of Ardene's development, with a number of large programs being conducted every year. Maximising genetic gain and building our own gene pool is an important factor at Ardene. As of 2024, over 1000 elite stud ewes have been flushed, and joined to stud rams purchased from Tattykeel:

  • Tattykeel 140073 (Sire of Trump)
  • Tattykeel 150140
  • Tattykeel 161504
  • Magnum (Tattykeel 190084)
  • And our latest purchase, Tattykeel 221422 (son of Platinum)

These rams have been used collectively alongside our own proven Ardene stud rams, such as;

  • Ardene160463 (sold to Roslynmead West) 
  • Ardene170100 (sold to Gamadale). 
  • Ardene 180026* Ardene 180011* Ardene 180278* (*semen from these rams has been exported to NZ). 
  • Ardene 190042
  • Ardene200137 (sold to Lartunga Hollows). 
  • Ardene200027 (sold to Black Spring). 
  • Ardene 210124
  • Ardene 220307
  • Ardene 220430

Success has continued in the show ring:

  • ASWS Cleanskin Interbreed Champion 2017, 2018 & 2019, with ewes and rams.
  • NSW State Sheep Show Cleanskin Interbreed Champion Ewe 2018
  • Champion awards at Adelaide Royal 2015 - 2019 (disrupted since by Covid).

Ardene is always open for inspections and private sales of rams and ewes. Embryos are available by prior arrangement.

11th Annual Stud & Flock Sale

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Thursday 3 October 2024

10 Elite Stud Rams

100 Elite Stud Ewes

100 Elite Flock Rams (AWSBA Blue Tag)


Lambs by Magnum